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     The horrible storms forecasted for Saturday night/Sunday/Sunday night never came to pass. So none of the hail/flooding/power outages/tornado scares I was bracing for, praise God! And now it's cooled off and the humidity has dropped so I can open the windows and sleep nicely at night again.

     Though Monday wound up being a very expensive and rather unpleasant day, at least it had one highlight: the Towners had me over for dinner--Caesar salad, and Italian bread and lasagna, yum! Had a great time and had to drag myself away at 9:30.

     Thanks to Monday's fun (having to get a filling AND a crown at the dentist) my mouth is troubling me and eating is no longer fun. Which makes me grateful I got so much of my book 5 celebration feasting done already, as I might not feel up to really enjoying food for a bit yet.

     And yes, book 5. Today I got the bulk of chapter 31 written, which just leaves me with short chapter 32 and the epilogue left. I have to admit I was a bit amused at myself turning into a tear-stained dripping sniffling splattering mess by the end of it, because I know what's coming in chapter 32! But poor Geren doesn't and his emotion is just overwhelming. So glad I made it to the end before collapsing!
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