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Well, already did my biggest-finish-line-of-my-life post yesterday on my writing LJ. After 18ish years, a new epoch of my life starts today, *pinches herself* though at least I'll have some transition time in all the editing work ahead of me. But, yesterday's post didn't cover all the other great stuff that happened:

     Whilst I was writing the epilogue Thursday morning, the doorbell rang and I received my new pc! Hurrah that I was home to sign for it!

     Thursday morning before I started writing was when I did the final final tweaks to my 'Among the Roses' project and could finally mark it complete. Yay! Placed my order, so hopefully I'll have the tangible, huggable version within two months...a special reward for myself for finishing book 5, one of many. So looking forward to it!

     Since Monday's dental misery/busyness threw my original timing out the window, and since Wednesday's emotional meltdown over writing the last chapter left me so completely exhausted, I was delighted to finish book 5 on April 14, instead of April 12/13. It's one of my favorite days of the year, and a personal holiday of sorts since 1989, when something wonderful happened that morning. I'm bad with remembering numbers and dates, but I will NEVER forget the date I finished book 5/all the Geren novels, because it fell on a date so special to me already. What a BLESSING!

     Treated myself out to see 'The Adjustment Bureau' Thursday afternoon. It was nice to get away and just get a good distraction from all these intense emotions--and nice to have a movie with so much suspense and so little violence!
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