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     Guess what was in my mailbox today? A very sweet congratulations card from my brother & sister-in-law & kids, with a very oversized gift card inside! How wonderful of them to join me in celebrating completing my Geren books in such a kind and over-generous way! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

     Blessed by kindness at work too--while I was off, Corey who covers Tabquik requests for me in one day received over a month's-worth for sheer volume of labels needed. And there weren't enough left--running out while I'm gone is something that's never happened, nor had I prepared for it. He could have gotten away with leaving the mess for me to come back to, but instead him and my boss ransacked my desk and the adjacent file drawers until they figured out how to order more labels themselves--and then Corey printed them all on Friday. Wow!

     Saturday's snowfall brought my area up from 5th snowiest to 4th snowiest winter on record. Well, I just checked the forecast for the next few days...and we've got a shot at THIRD! It's a good thing I hadn't put my shovel away completely, cause I just might be needing it big-time! SNOW!!! *runs around with happy hysterical shrieking*
Tags: job: coworkers, mail, snow
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