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Shouts · of · Joy

Hurrah for a weekend!      Today brings me…

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Hurrah for a weekend!

     Today brings me to ten years since I finished the first of the Geren books, Hu-Hua's Cry. A whole decade...to me, it honestly feels much longer. I went and reread my journal entries for those last days of book 1 writing, just don't remember them. But I'm glad I got book 5 done before reaching this date!

     Grateful that my mouth is troubling me less, so I could treat myself to Chipotle on Thursday for a little more book 5 culinary celebration. Thanks again, you wonderful generous lovelies, you!

     Finishing book 5 also means that I can update a couple of the essays at my Beginnings page. So now my 'What was I thinking?!' essay has a section for book 5, and my 'Lightning Strikes' essay also has a new entry.
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