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     So yes, it's two weeks late, but today I brought in a baker's dozen of Bruegger's bagels to work to celebrate finishing book 5. (I waited because people in my area have been out every prior day, and because I had to drive in today so that gave me the freedom to come early and get them hot and fresh!) It was a real hit--half of the downstairs folks came upstairs, and then they decided they didn't want to work, so we had an informal 'party' for nearly 45 minutes! And my boss was right up there with the rest of 'em!

     More goodies in the form of Shelley taking me out for lunch today, as it's 'Administrative Professionals Day,' and it's become a tradition of hers, a very kind one. This year I picked the Barrio, a tequila bar with a wonderful taco bar/buffet for lunch, as it's been about a year already since we first checked it out. It was fabulous! And had the nice benefit of keeping me full all afternoon so the dentist didn't have to hear my stomach howling at 4:10.

     While I'm going on about food, let me celebrate Monday's treats as well--an egg roll from Sarin, and chips and guacamole from Shelley--for no reason that I can discern, but it was sure delicious!

     And today is Shado's birthday, while Monday was Arun's. Hard to believe they're 8 and 11 already! Very grateful that Shado is still chugging along despite his heart murmur. May it continue!
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