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Hurrah for a weekend!

     I'm glad I did that book names post over at my 'misc' LJ, because that's helped me come up with a couple titles this week, which was a big blessing.

     After over two months of waiting, Chase finally resolved a credit card dispute in my favor (the Valentine's Day flowers my mom never got). At last! Glad to be done with the waiting, too.

     Very happy that my mouth is doing much better after my unpleasantness Wednesday of getting the crown put on. Still a bit sensitive to cold, but not terribly bad (not that I plan to getting anywhere near ice cream that soon!) and it sure feels better for eating than my temporary crown. Don't have a gum full of sores this time, either!

     I was shocked to get a package in the mail Friday--my next book 5 celebration award, and a whole lot sooner that I expected! However, since I just put up the post for the warthog tusk/avarii spur, and since I'm supposed to be focusing on computer stuff this weekend, not trying to get good photos, I probably won't post about it until next week sometime. So darn gloomy and rainy I can hardly see it, anyway!

     And yes, this is the weekend in which I'm going to try to switch my daily operations from my old pc to my new pc. So I may be offline for a bit until I get my DSL and replacement e-mail software up/old e-mails transferred and all that sorted out. Here's hoping there aren't too many 'adventures' coming!
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