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Week flying by...

     Glad to be making slow but steady progress with both book 5 verbal edits and Poser figure reinstalls, after some initial fumbles with the latter. In fact, I even went past 'quota' with book 5 last evening without even realizing it, so that means I can raise my goal for weeknights. Pleased about that!

     Found a wonderful book theme quote for 'The Accursed' yesterday, which was a real treat.

     Yesterday, I got to enjoy some spinach pie I bought at Trader Joe's. It was delicious, and a treat because the only place I used to get it was once a year at the Renaissance Festival! I love Trader Joe's! They have spinach pie, and wonderful fruit bars I've been using for snacks at work, and pear sauce that makes a lovely variety from applesauce in my lunches...and they have meatless corn dogs I must try out this summer, veggie egg rolls much cheaper than the Cub ones I used to buy, as well as some vegetarian soup mixes I intend to check out next winter. The more I look there, the more I find!
Tags: book 5: editing, the accursed

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