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Hurrah for a weekend!

     I am VERY pleased to be done with all my Poser file transfers and re-installs. For one, because I'm starting to go crazy that I haven't been able to do anything creative. It will be nice to get going with some projects again. And even better was my discovery when I started testing things out in my new version of Poser on my new pc--the renders are at least 5x faster than on the old pc! The render size is bigger due to the different layout and my widescreen new monitor...and the hyarmi hair looks so much better and more realistic! Wow, what a treat! I might have to do my birthday card project in Poser instead of Vue, they look so good there. So anyway, nice to finally starting feeling like my new pc is a real benefit, not just a time-devouring heap of extra work.

     It was sunny and springy on Friday, so I finally got to treat myself out to Jimmy John's for a belated book 5 celebration veggie sub, 22 days after the fact. And it was delicious! Hit the spot perfectly.

     It was a treat this week to finally accomplish something I've been meaning to do for years, and that was get a recording of Shado's funny 'happy noises.' Glad to have that up over in my 'misc' LJ with my latest book 5 celebration reward, never mind how many hours it took me Friday to find a free place that would host my .wav file, and that actually worked. Glad that's done with and I can share Shado with the world! Also happy he behaved for me so I could get a photo of him for that post, since with the warmer weather he's been quite hyper lately!
Tags: jimmy john's, pets: shado, tertius
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