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Ugly weather this week, but there's been some good stuff too:

     Made it to the bus stop Monday morning without being struck by lightning! It was awful--in my 7+ years of walking, I've never had it so bad for lightning and thunder all over the place. Thinking of the book 5 lightning bits as I walked just made it even more entertaining.

     Wednesday was interesting. I locked myself out (first time in quite a while) had to 'break in', missed the bus and wound up driving to work. At least I was only 5 minutes late! And it worked out, because I stopped by the vet on my way home and got heartworm meds for my cats, and also treated myself to Chipotle for my dinner.

     This morning I finally finished with all the Vue-related re-downloads and re-installs. Took quite a bit of time over a few days, so I'm glad to be past the worst of the prep-work. Now I just have to remake some of my custom textures and objects, because the file paths are all different on the new pc.

     Very pleased with my book 5 editing progress this week as well. Last night I finally got myself into shredding the last chapter, since the middle section needs a lot of work. Arun is still greatly enjoying the nightly verbal edits!

     And today's high point is my second blood donation of the year and the reward that comes with it. This time, a $5 gift card for Baker's Square! They've got 27 varieties of pies/desserts so now my fun is picking which one I'll get to savor!
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