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Well, today brings me to the one-month 'anniversary' of finishing writing the five Geren novels at last and toppling through the biggest finish line of my life. But it really doesn't feel like it has been a whole month already. Haven't quite completed all the food celebrations yet, and still have the last big book 5 reward piece yet to come through my door. More than that, it's that my days have been so full with editing and with moving into the new pc, time had just flown away.

Very pleased with the progress I've made in this month, in regards to working away at titles and theme quotes for my other novels, and warding the sorrow of finishing with the anticipation of what lies ahead.

A couple days back, over at the Windstone Forum, somebody asked Melody the slightly grim question of what she wanted to do before she died. "Is there something you'd regret if you never did it?" the questioner said. And that was when it really started sinking in.

No. There isn't. I'm finished now...everything from here on out that I accomplish is just frosting on the cake. There's nothing I have to regret, because leaving aside the rest of the editing and polishing, I am finished. Again leaving aside the polishing and editing I might do in coming years, my magnum opus stands complete, I've reached the finish line that really mattered to me. So when it comes to accomplishments, if I die tomorrow I have nothing whatsoever to regret.

Because I'll never run out of stories to write down and pictures to make howsoever long I live, but the one that really, REALLY mattered to me, a million miles past the rest of them, is now complete.

So glad I stayed the course all those years, despite the hindrances, detours, challenges, and gaping chasms of pain to swallow me. It's finally sinking in. What a blessing! I am finished.
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