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Weekend delights:

     Got out to see 'Thor' Saturday morning and quite enjoyed it. Of course I'm biased, because I love the Norse mythology and it was great to see Odin and even a fleeting glimpse of Sleipnir! (And Heimdall was gorgeous!)

     My walk this weekend was in Lebanon Hills Regional Park. Walked for two hours but don't know how many miles I did because their maps didn't have trail distances and I don't feel like spending 45 minutes with a ruler working it out. But it was a treat to have such a cool, bright, breezy morning in the fullness of spring. Got to see Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Yellow Warbler, and a couple American Redstarts, among others...but no bluebirds or Indigo Buntings so my mom need not feel envious!

     It was a treat to listen to Saint-Saëns Symphony no 3 ('Organ Symphony') while walking, a real treat. I can only hope my own work gives someone half as much delight as Saint-Saëns does to me, 125 years later. I love art!

     Today started working through a series of online Vue tutorials I found out through their forum, best of all, they're free! Will help get me up to speed on the lots of new/changed features between Vue 6 and Vue 9.

     Still chugging along with book 5 editing and glad to be past the halfway point...and get to enjoy my favorite ch 18/19 grouping in my verbal read-through today.
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