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Ugh, it was a thoroughly rotten weekend, but there were still a few bright spots:

     Amidst all the flooding fun Saturday, my itty bitty adorable indispensable pump quit working! So I am immensely grateful for the 'spare' sitting in the fountain in my terrarium which I haven't run for years because the pump was getting old and feeble...that's still a lot better than nothing at all! Ripped the fountain apart and got the pump out, though it only has a couple inches of tubing. But I'm very grateful Mr Old and Feeble saved me from an even huger flooding mess Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon.

     Despite all the time spent at bailing this weekend, I still managed to finish a couple art projects. Completed my illustration for 'Tale of the Apple-grower,' which I'd started on back in 2010 and set aside because my pc couldn't handle it. But my new pc can handle a scene with thousands upon thousands of flying and crawling locusts...and that means I should be able to manage the illustration for 'Wildfire' as well, yay!

     Having to get up at 3 am Sunday morning to keep vigil over the flooding situation as yet another storm thundered past brought one blessing--getting to scour the Coldwater Creek outlet, which was having a 50% sale that day, and 3 am meant I beat all the folks keeping decent hours, and not everything was completely picked over yet.

     Very sweet of my aunt to call and check on my welfare after the massive tornado damage after the one storm Sunday that actually missed me flattened part of Minneapolis. Ugh, what a weekend it's been for a lot of people, who are now far worse off than I am very grateful for a couple precious days in the forecast this week with NO RAIN.
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