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     Ended up taking a little detour on my walk from the bus stop Monday afternoon. Reason being, I spotted an itty bitty baby turtle crawling along the side of the street! So I picked him up and walked him to the nearest pond, a trip he would very likely have not managed on his own, with roads to cross and slopes to climb. It was a treat to set him down on the shoreline and watch him walk into the water. Brought back memories of Thalion and Harma from my turtle days, years ago. Anyway, all I had was my crappy cell phone camera, but I had to get a photo to show everyone how small he was.

     Work has been interesting lately, with a bunch of folks from another department using our secured area to spend hours sorting out 70+ different types of documents for upcoming Kofax configuration work. One nice thing is that they answer the doorbell for each other, so I don't have to get up and do it all that often.

     Despite not making extra progress with book 5 verbal edits or regular editing this weekend because of all the flooding fun, I am still quite pleased with my progress. If I make tonight's verbal editing 'quota,' I will only have two chapters and the epilogue left, yay! Also pleased with how my last book 5 reward is coming along; it's so nice to get progress shots from the artist and have fun anticipating the final results.
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