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     On Wednesday, I treated myself to Chipotle for lunch with my lovely gift card. And it turned out to be a double treat. Reason being, I tried their online order systems for the first time. So instead of losing 10 minutes of my 30 minute lunch walking there and back and then having to stand in line 10-15 minutes on top of that, leaving me about 2 minutes to stuff my burrito down my throat...I got to walk there, go to the pick up window, and not wait at all! Should have tried it months earlier, but I'd assumed I'd have to pay in advance and it wouldn't work with a gift card. Just wonderful!

     Today I finished going through the free beginner Vue tutorials online at Geek at Play. It will be nice to have more time for actually doing art, and very nice to have learned a bunch of things as well.

     And Thursday evening I finished my verbal edit of book 5, hurrah! Took long enough. Now it's working through all the fiddly final checking, and I'm pleased with my progress there. It will be so nice to have an extra hour-plus in each day once it's DONE.

     Three cheers for a three-day weekend!
Tags: book 5: editing, chipotle, freebie
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