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Glad to be on the far side of a horrific mini heat-wave. And if I must be that miserable, at least we could set two new record highs while we're at it. Monday was bad, with a high of 94 F/34 C and nasty humidity, but Tuesday took the cake--it got up to 102 F/39 C, though at least the humidity dropped and it got windy. It's been years since it hit triple digits in my corner of the state, especially in June! So I'm grateful for some cooler days ahead.

     Also very grateful for the wonders of air conditioning, and having it on my bus rides though it couldn't really keep up. Grateful I made myself nice cold Emerald soup on Sunday, so I could use it to cool down the last two afternoons when I got home. Sure hits the spot!

     The biggest treat of late was a package in the mail Monday--an early birthday treat from my wonderful aunt, just full of goodies! There's some Spanish candy, a couple bags of the plantain chips I fell in love with on my Florida trip this year, a couple different types of granola, and I love granola! Can't forget the blueberry preserves which I've already started savoring, the pineapple preserves I'm looking forward to trying out, a bag of trail mix I intend to bring on my upcoming trip, a container of delicious Hamantash I'm looking forward to being well enough to enjoy properly, and...coconut macaroons! I LOVE coconut macaroons! Even more delightful, since I haven't really had sweets around in my apartment since Easter.

     I must say that after this week, I am really looking forward to getting to Yosemite! I am going to find me a nice snowbank, and I am going to hug it and sits in it, yes precious! ;)
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