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     Been having lots of fun rereading book 4 lately. I should be working on editing 'Tarek,' but I guess I really need a break from editing after the last few weeks. I can always get back on track with that after my trip...maybe after I revisit Hope's Passage as well!

     And today I'm touched yet again by my wonderful brother and sister-in-law's generosity in the Chipotle gift card they gave me to celebrate the biggest finish line of my life with the Geren books...because I got myself a burrito for lunch and some chips and guacamole to munch on later, so I won't be distracted during my rushing around last-minute stuff, or have to buy a pricey dinner at the airport this evening (or be tempted to eat the popcorn I'm bringing my mom!). A definite and delicious blessing today. Thanks again, you wonderful people, you! *hugs*

     Reason being, this afternoon I'm driving home early and hopping on a plane to California in a couple hours. Started packing days ago and spread it out, so even with the flooding 'fun' Tuesday evening and bad sleep of late, I'm not feeling terribly rushed at all. And now I can enjoy the fruit of all that preparation and anticipate seeing Sequoia and Yosemite again, so soon! It will be such a blessing to celebrate my 36th birthday in 'avarii country.' =D
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