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Back home, after a simply fabulous trip! (More on that later.)

     I'm grateful I was able to make my connecting flight this evening after the first flight got delayed (and my layover was only 55 minutes to start with). Also quite grateful my luggage showed up, so I don't have to go back to the airport Monday.

     The weather has been horridly wet and stormy during my absence, so my closet is full of dirt/mud again from all the flooding, but... Thank God the water that got into my room while I was gone only reached 3 inches from where I'd pulled the carpet back, AND the only thing that got wet that shouldn't get wet was Shado's bed (I always forget to move that, and it can handle another washing). Hurrah, for I was fearing far worse!

     Very pleased I have Monday off work, as my cats are in full 'happy-reunion' mode and not inclined to let me sleep much tonight, I'm sure... (Note to mom: Shado actually growled at Mary, can you believe it? Getting feisty in his old age!)
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