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Recent gratitudes:

     Brought in brownies to work (from Trader Joe's) on Tuesday as a late birthday celebration, and they were wonderful and greatly enjoyed.

     Placed an order for a cd and some kayaking-related stuff on Amazon with the wonderful gift cards I got for my birthday--and then Amazon gave me $1 toward a free MP3. A freebie from another freebie, whoot!

     Today starts the state shutdown due to the budget I am grateful to still have bus service, at least for the immediate future. (My silly coworker whom I won't name is grateful to have no state lottery so she can save lots of money!)

     Yesterday was ghastly hot, and today was even worse--somewhere in the vicinity of 95 F/36C with a 109 heat index (43 C) for my trudge home from the bus stop. So I'm grateful for the cash Cindy gave me for a belated shake after not having the chance to treat me on my birthday/the day after. I bought a medium vanilla shake at Arby's at the end of the workday...and when the worker found that his last medium-sized cup was broken, I got a large for the same price! Then I hung onto that thing and sipped it while waiting for the bus and on the walk home. What a blessing!

     Most of all, right now I'm grateful for a three-day weekend, air conditioning, and that all summers END. Eventually.
Tags: freebie, job: coworkers, kayaking
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