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Wonderful to have a three-day weekend:

     On Thursday I got over to the Farmer's Market and got myself some radishes and fresh strawberries. I love having one so close to where I work that I can walk there, and while I don't like summer, I do enjoy fresh local produce!

     Been having fun with the salad shooter I got a couple months back. Shredded some carrots and it nicely sliced the radishes I bought, to liven up my salads. (And it's great for making hash browns too!)

     The strawberries worked great for trying out a strawberry shake recipe I found online--one that doesn't require ice cream, which is what I want since I don't buy ice cream. More like a smoothie, and delicious!

     I really like WalkJogRun. I used it to rejig the route I'd done a couple weeks back, and got it up to 5.3 miles (8.5 km) for my walk Sunday morning. Got out before 6 am when the sun wasn't high yet and it wasn't too horridly hot, and it went pretty well--as much as I could hope for in July, anyway! Mosquitoes only got me when I stopped for a drink. And then when I finally couldn't avoid the sun any longer, I noticed that there was a beautiful sunbow and sundogs around it. Tantalizing and thrilling to know that there were deliciously cold ice crystals a few miles up where I can't reach them cause I'm not avarii!! ;P

     Made some decent progress with 'Tarek' editing this weekend, a bit of progress in Vue and Poser on my book 5 celebration picture, (though both programs are trying to put me in an early grave), essentially caught up with money stuff and everything trip-related, watched a bunch of 'House' episodes, read a bit from book 4, and my 'to do' list is looking pretty short. I'm ready for a workweek!
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