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Shouts · of · Joy

Recent goodies:      Got me some new…

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Recent goodies:

     Got me some new potatoes at the Farmer's Market Tuesday, and the price had gone down since the previous Thursday!

     A beautiful half-rainbow to savor Tuesday evening, and not that much rain to go with it.

     It's been nice to have two cloudy/semi-cloudy mornings this workweek, and get a reprieve from standing in the hot horrid sunlight while I wait for the bus (though I try to cram as much of myself as I can into the shadow of a power line pole).

     Pleased with how much progress I've been able to make on my book 5 celebration picture this week. Slowly and steadily coming along, though the 1.5-2 hours or so I can spare each evening seem to slide by like lightning. It's nice when I can cram some in during the mornings before work as well...haven't missed the bus yet!

     It's been an exhausting week at work, so I'm glad it's Thursday already. Friday is coming, hurrah!
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