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Monday evening gratitudes:

     That I fared better than I could have after that horrid storm late last night--over 9,000 people in the Metro area lost power, and I wasn't one of them. Very grateful for that, as flooding during no electricity is something I dread.

     Spent a couple hours in the NEQAL lab this morning and got three applications off my list for Windows 7 testing. Yay!

     The humor of Dawn's bright idea. We went to Chipotle together for lunch today, because she figured with the State shutdown, the line would be better than usual... Not so, perhaps everybody else thought the same thing, because it was worse than ever! It was a treat to taste guacamole again and use my gift card, yes it was.

     Most of all, I find myself very grateful for air conditioning. I've definitely spent over 35 hours working on my book 5 celebration picture this month, and that number would likely be 0 without it. I've been recalling the one summer I spent in a no-AC dorm room in college, and the fact that (aside from cross-stitch) the only art I managed to do was in the first week of June. Couldn't even think about writing. So yes, to me air conditioning was one of the best things ever invented. I LOVE YOU, Willis Haviland Carrier!!! =D
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