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Shouts · of · Joy

Recent treats:      So nice to finally have…

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Recent treats:

     So nice to finally have it get cool and dry enough that I could open my windows! What a treat--and it was cloudy Tuesday morning until after noon, so I could enjoy my morning walk and waiting for the bus, and enjoy my visit to the Farmer's Market as well.

     That was a treat, because I found fresh green beans there for $2, made them for dinner, and they were delicious. Nothing like the first fresh green beans of the summer!

     Also very excited because my book 5 commission is nearly complete. The artist just wants to get final outdoor shots once her weather is nice, and I made the final payment including shipping from Canada on Tuesday evening. Yay, I'm excited! And I figured I'd include a little sneak peak from some of her photos for anyone who's interested. It's been fun savoring the preview shots she's let me see, especially the dozens last weekend!
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On July 13th, 2011 04:49 pm (UTC), brezzydal commented:
Thanks for posting a peak of the commission piece. It looks lovely.
What a great idea.

So wonderful you are getting a break from the heat. We are overcast
this morning and it so welcome.
How is it going at work?
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On July 13th, 2011 05:28 pm (UTC), shout_of_joy replied:
I thought you would like it! =) It will be fun with you getting to see it when you come.

I hope you get to enjoy the next few days before things start warming up again. Today is our last nice day; they have a flood watch out for tomorrow which I'm concerned about, they're expecting so much rain. Then it will be about 90 and humid from Fri - Sun at least. Ugh, what a hot July!
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On July 14th, 2011 04:22 pm (UTC), diapers4three commented:
for the nice weather, but even more so for The Defender and Geren!! Awesome!!!

David and I have been loving diving into Book 5. It's always cute to hear him when we first start a book: "I forget what a good writer she is!" :D
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On July 14th, 2011 05:21 pm (UTC), shout_of_joy replied:
Re: YAY!!
It was a real treat to have a couple nice days! =) The artist did such fantastic work with them!

Ah, thanks! Maybe I need to write faster so people don't 'forget.' ;)
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