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Boy, what a weekend! I jinxed myself with my last post: lots of rain and flooding fun Friday and Saturday morning. Now the heat wave is here--got to 92 F/33 C today with a horrific heat index of 104 F/40 C. I have not experienced such awful dewpoints in a while--79 right now, can you believe it?! So I am very grateful the power hasn't gone out yet, since everybody that has air conditioning must be using it today.

     VERY glad that this most awful month of summer is more than half over! Maybe I lives to see August... =P

     Shelley and I went out for lunch to El Barrio Friday, where I stuffed myself at their taco bar to celebrate payday and my successful apheresis donation. Lots of onions, black beans, and guacamole in my tacos, yum!

     And Saturday's treat was seeing the last 'Harry Potter' movie. I'm glad it stayed cloudy so my car wasn't hot as a furnace when I came back out, and the movie was a great deal of fun, heightened by an appreciative and engaged audience which applauded at the end.

     I needed a sanity break from interminable book 5 celebration picture renders which have been keeping my pc going constantly and my computer room at 80-85 despite all my attempts with fans. So for a few hours this afternoon I started on a side project and was once again thrilled by Poser. Poser 8 is so much better than Poser 6 at rendering quality and lighting quality, and on my new pc it is insanely fast in its rendering speed. And today I figured out I could make that quality even better by using ambient occlusion. Any attempt back in Poser 6 days always led to spectacular and dramatic program crashes, so what a delight that it didn't even twitch! I wish Vue did so well with Geren's hair!
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