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Monday here again...

     After $766 worth of car repairs last week, it sure is nice to have 'wheels' again. Lots and lots of errand-running, and food in the fridge again too!

     After so much focus on my Geren-figure in Poser and Vue this summer, I found myself wanting a hyarmi 'fix,' since I've hardly worked with them at all since I got my new pc. So it was a treat to do a simple project for my autumn header image, and be able to bring two hyarmi into Vue without having to simplify them in any way or the slightest risk of a crash. Hurrah!

     A real treat on Sunday--the Towners took me out for a belated birthday meal! I chose Boca Chica since I haven't been able to go there with coworkers since Kathy retired last July. It was my first time having their Sunday buffet, and boy was it wonderful! =D

     Hard to believe it's only a week and a day until my mom gets here...
Tags: art, boca chica
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