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Shouts · of · Joy

Just to prove I'm still alive...…

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Just to prove I'm still alive...

     Friday's highlight was going to the Gopher Bar with Shelley for some Coney Islands. They were delicious, and it has certainly been a while since our last visit there.

     All the cleaning in advance of my mom's visit has been driving me crazy, but at least I had an outlet of sorts this weekend in the form of working on an illustration for my short story 'Tarek.' Hopefully I can get it done before she comes--which is Tuesday evening!!

     Lastly, had to end with a link to a hilarious variant of Murphy's Law I read about, which anyone who has tried to edit something has probably experienced. I know I have! The more time I spend trying to get something clean, the more obnoxious and obvious the little things I miss. =P Glad I'm not the only one!
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