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     Friday morning was funny. I took sleeping pills and got a REALLY good night's sleep...then got up to discover I had pink eye! Well, if I had to get it, it couldn't have happened at a better time, as I had the day off work and was able to get a doctor's appointment scheduled and get right in at 10 that morning. I'm glad the drops are working and it seems to be clearing up well.

     Friday afternoon my mom and I went out to see 'The Help' and we both quite enjoyed it.

     Saturday was fantastic. We headed for St Cloud and stopped at the Albertville premium outlet mall on the way up. Good thing we got there early, and my mom made some great buys with the Labor Days sales, because by the time we left around noon, it was a packed madhouse with cars in a line out to the highway and cops directing traffic. After that, we had lunch at the Texas Roadhouse in St Cloud, which only opened half a year ago, then spent a couple hours enjoying the beautiful Clemens-Munsinger Gardens on the banks of the Mississippi. A supremely beautiful afternoon, as the humidity had finally broken, and it actually feels like September around here.

     And I'm delighted with all the 'goodies' Shanra has been leaving in my inbox. Thanks for reading 'Nothing Gold'! *hugs* Always nice to have something to anticipate, once life slows down again...
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