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Recent blessings:

     My church kicked off its fall season this weekend, and they had a group in their catalog that's right up my alley. What a blessing!

     Got out for a 5.3 m/8.2 km walk Sunday morning, and though I didn't see much (because I brought my camera ;), I did spot a BookCrossing book that made me think of silvanime, and have a male bluebird fly down to the road in front of me to grab a bug.

     Wonderful to get to send off some book 4 chapter .pdfs to an online reader.

     And a tantalizing relief to know that this horrid heatwave is supposed to end tonight. It will be nice to turn off the air conditioning and open windows again! And hopefully start regaining creative energy, too.
Tags: birds: bluebirds, book 4: readers, walking
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