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This week's treats:

     Jimmy John's veggie subs not once, but twice! Treated myself Monday, then Thursday found out it was their $1 subs Customer Appreciation Day, and Dawn was so kind as to give me the money so I could get one.

     In the process of rereading most of my short stories, I spotted a contradiction and was glad I was able to easily correct it. And made a note so down the road I can ensure it doesn't happen again.

     It has been such a treat that this cold spell is cold enough I've been able to ditch the air mattress the last two nights and sleep on my futon instead. Certainly made Shado happy! And I'm glad it didn't get as cold as forecasted Wednesday night, or the frost might have done a lot of damage to various crops.

     Best of all, succeeded with my 3rd whole blood donation at work on Thursday, yay!
Tags: air mattress, donations, jimmy john's
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