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It's payday Friday at last! I'm solvent again (for a day or two)! So in a spirit of giddy non-brokeness, I had to make another mushy list of things I'm thankful to God for:

comments on books
broccoli from the Farmer's Market
sleeping in my own futon
comments on stories
fantastic coworkers
comments on posts
beautiful sunrises while walking to the bus Monday and Thursday
my microwave
breadsticks from Sarin
food in my refrigerator
Sunday's health scare not repeating yet
Smallville episodes
library books
all the notes I have to compensate for barely-functioning memory
my toaster
hyarmi-cubs in Poser
Wednesday's car repair bill not as bad as feared
hot showers
fixing small errors/dead links in my essays
that wonderful thing called pizza
Today's the first day of autumn!!
Tags: beloved, farmer's market, movies, skyscapes
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