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And it's Monday again already!

     A pretty nice weekend, though it went too fast. The high point was my time out at Eau Galle in Wisconsin Sunday morning. Headed out at 7:30 and ran into some sun-showers right before I got there...which lead to the wonderful treat of a morning rainbow! Been a couple years since I've seen one.

     Did some kayaking first, and I sure wish I could have taken my camera out with me (can't afford the waterproof case for it until 2012) because the lake was so calm and the surrounding forest and reflections in the water so gorgeous. There was a bit more fall color around than I was expecting. Did some hiking after that, and it was just a gorgeous morning.

     And Sunday evening I finally got some writing done! It's the Copper-novella rather than 'Delarun,' partially because of Shanra's plowing through book 4, but also because I'm just plain stuck in 'Delarun' section 2 right now. Still, delighted to get something down at last!
Tags: copper novella, kayaking, photos, rainbows, walking
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