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A busy weekend, but chock-full of beauty too:

     On Saturday I headed out early at 6:20 am so I could drive up to Mille Lacs Lake (one of the biggest in MInnesota, 536 square km). Had a bald eagle fly over the road near the end of my drive, which was a treat. I visited two state parks up there that I haven't been to since childhood, if ever. It was a beautiful morning, lots of frost to be seen as I drove, nice and cool and sunny, and the autumn colors up there were spectacular and near their peak. Did about 3 miles (4.8 km) of walking at Father Hennepin State Park, and was delighted to see a pileated woodpecker pretty close up--my second time this year! Later drove to Mille Lacs Kathio State Park, which is as huge as Father Hennepin is tiny, did a 3.5 mile (5.6 km) walk there and got to see swans on one of the lakes in the park. Had my lunch there, then the 2 hour drive back home. Took way too many photos, and started my fall 2011 collection, for those who are interested.

     And then on Sunday was Cavalia! Headed over to Minneapolis a couple hours early, so I could get lunch at Chipotle on the way, pick up my tickets at the box office without being rushed, do my women's study homework in my car...and I had plenty of time so I could go find parking 1/3 mile away instead of paying their ridiculous $10 parking fees. The show itself was quite beautiful, and completely packed. The horses were exquisite and the acrobatics amazing, and live music as well.

     Despite all that busyness, I'm grateful I managed a tiny bit of writing Sunday morning, and things are progressing well with my 'Wildfire' illustration. Hopefully more time for real work next weekend!
Tags: art, birds: eagles, birds: other, copper novella, photos, walking, wildfire
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