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Shouts · of · Joy

Recent goodies:      Monday was fun,…

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Recent goodies:

     Monday was fun, because after the art fair Sunday, I drove down to Lake City and bought apples, caramel, apple cider, apple pie...and I brought in delicious SweeTango apples and apple pie to share with my coworkers Monday. Helped get the workweek off to a nice start!

     A treat late Monday afternoon as well, in a post by a fellow writer in which I got to vent about my biggest reason for not wanting to ever get published (Fanfiction, particularly slash) and she understood me--and felt the same. What a blessing!

     Now that I've finally got the structure hashed out, I'm glad to be making better progress with the Copper-novella...though that might prove a misnomer, as this might be one time in which I've actually overestimated the length of a piece. Time will tell!

     Also delighted to discover that medical costs will not be going up much at all in 2012, and dental will stay the same. Thank you, God!
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