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Hurrah for a Friday! It's been an interesting and eventful week, particularly with this Wednesday's fast and the stuff I'm working through with 'The Creative Call' book I'm doing in a women's study this fall. Also glad that fall is back and the temps are in the normal range again!

     Been a treat having the moon keep company with me on my walks to the bus stop these last few mornings, and a full moon Wednesday. Just beautiful!

     Poor Shelley having surgery and now being out for weeks means I had to take a crash course in replenishing all the chemicals in the processor, with no instructions beyond 'ratio of 5 to 1.' Made a blunder with temperature, but at least everything worked afterward!

     Wednesday also brought the first storm and heavy rainfalls since August, and still no flooding, hurrah!

     More fun with goodies, too, as I had signed up to bring in treats for the women's group Thursday, and now I have plenty of delicious leftovers...some of which I shared with coworkers today, the rest are for ME!
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