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A pretty nice weekend:

     Saturday brought the joys of having Shanra finish reading book 4, and a bald eagle flying right over me as I left home to drive to church. Yippee!

     Sunday had a dramatic start with my being unable to turn on my pc. Thankfully, little Frogmouth saved the day, as I plugged my DSL into that so I could look up what the RAM read/write fail error meant...reseated the cards, and Tertius came back to life, thank God!

     Because of that, headed off an hour later than planned, but still had a lovely, cool 6.2 mile (10 km) walk at William O'Brien State Park, and some more photos for my 2011 autumn collection, despite the third round of nasty winds leaving very little color to enjoy. The sheltered areas were still gorgeous, just a matter of finding them.

     Also very happy to finish my 'Wildfire' illustration at last, and make good progress with writing in 'Tutelage.'
Tags: art, birds: eagles, book 4: readers, copper novella, frogmouth, photos, tertius, walking, wildfire
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