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     Monday night was nice: got together with the Towners and we went to Debbie and Ben's for a somewhat belated trip photo showing. Got to see shots from their long road trip to Georgia and Florida and their Bahamas cruise, and I got to show photos from Chicago and my June trip to Sequoia/King's Canyon/Yosemite. And there was great food and homemade cookies, AND guacamole, oh yes!

     Work just keeps going from bad to worse, so it has been nice to get some sympathy. My fellow administrator Greg telling me he gets mad on my behalf when he sees how many error e-mails are waiting in my inbox for me each morning; the programmer who's trying to get the Kofax fax/e-mail program to behave properly telling me it feels like he's being 'stabbed in the eye' when he sees those error e-mails pouring in, my boss wanting to make sure I can handle everything that's been dumped on me of late, Corey telling them how much easier his splicing work is because I'm covering poor Shelley's work and 'don't make mistakes.' ;P

     My newish Kofax duty is so awful it's downright funny...I've taken to calling the Kofax fax/e-mail server the 'witch-fiend of Angmar' (among other unprintable things) because it knows when I leave my desk to work elsewhere or go to a meeting and arranges to have my inbox full of error e-mails when I get back! And now I'm laughing because it just spat one at me now whilst I typed 10 more arriving in a moment, I'm sure... [Follow-up note: No, it only gave me 4. Waited until I took my afternoon break to spit 21 at me, then when I was hauling boxes it gave me another 23. Typical.]

     Lastly, I'm grateful that I just have to make it through two more workdays before the weekend, that not having to lose time in any meetings today has made it a trifle more bearable...and that has lots of free Vue tutorials to cram in over my lunches so I can hopefully figure out what went wrong last weekend and not repeat it this weekend...
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