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I'm so glad I made it to 11/11/11, and work hasn't driven me crazy or killed me yet... Witch-fiend of Angmar (see previous post) sure tried, with 117 error e-mails Thursday morning, my first time hitting 3 digits. Thank God Friday morning was back down to a 'normally bad' number in the 80s.

     After having the last straggling bits hanging over my head for weeks, Windows 7 testing for my area is finally and truly completely DONE. At last.

     Some horizon-broadening fun at work yesterday: Sarin gave everyone on my side of the department persimmons to eat! That was one of those words I'd seen often enough in books, but never encountered before, rather like reading of primroses and scones for years without knowing what they were. Quite neat!

     Some downs and ups with my t'DoL-birthday art project that's devouring all my free time of late. Dove right into it when I got home and made a discovery that I feared meant I'd have to redo the last couple days of work...started in on it, then realized it only seemed an issue--because Vue can't count! What a relief! Still behind quota thanks to women's group last night, but not unbearably so...
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