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     I'd been dreading Monday for a while because Corey was off that day and I'd have to cover his upstairs work on top of everything else I'm buried under at present. Thankfully, the witch-fiend server had only 48 error messages for me in the morning, which was just the boost I needed to get through the crazy number of things I had to do in the first 90 minutes.

     I'd been looking forward to the appearance of grab bag Young PoadsTM at the Windstone store since I caught the first rumor of it months ago...then got worried last week when the release date turned out to be Monday. Thankfully, not only did they get put out in the store before I had to leave for my donation, they sold out in 20 minutes--AND I GOT ONE!!!

     And lastly, my iron was high enough and I was able to make my fourth apheresis donation of the year on Monday evening. Watching 'Smallville' episodes whilst donating was far too fun!
Tags: donations, job: work, poads(tm)
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