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Hurrah for a payday Friday!

     Wonderful to reach the end of the workweek and have it actually feel like it was just 6-7 days long, rather than 10. Been a while. Also nice to have a couple lighter days so I could play catch-up a little bit. Got most of my reports done about two weeks later than customary, but they're done!

     The only thing better than a new PoadTM in the TWO PoadsTM in the mail! Both the grab bag Young PoadTM and another adult one I bought from a fellow Windstone collector showed up on Thursday--quite a treat!

     In my frantic rush to try to get t'DoL's birthday gift done on time, I've been doing a bit of getting up in the middle of the night to kick off renders after my software crashes for insufficient memory. (Since I can't drive home from work to do the same during the day, bummer.) But it held up a wonderfully long time last night--got up after midnight and 2 am and it was still running--made it all the way to 4:15 am. Inching closer to the finish line, hurrah!
Tags: art, job: work, poads(tm)
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