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Couple nice things today...

     It was very nice, after the last few weekends, to not have to be jumping up to head off to the post office or anywhere else this Saturday morning. After shutting the cats in their room at 5:30 (otherwise I'd never sleep in) I was able to doze until 7, and then read in bed until around 8. Lovely to have a quiet morning.

     And then there's Spider-Man III. The first treat being that since it's the first blockbuster of the summer, I got to see trailers for a bunch of the other blockbusters, including Shrek III, the next Harry Potter, and the third Bourne movie.

     And then there was the movie itself. Of course it couldn't live up to Spider-Man II, but after the reviews I'd read, I wasn't expecting it to. A little too much story crammed into the time interval, and not quite enough space to explore the repercussions of things, so a couple balls dropped. And darker than the other movies, due to the types of conflict...but it builds on the characters and events of the first two quite wonderfully, and plays with some of the same themes. If you liked the other Spider-Man films, I do recommend it. There was one scene toward the end where the crowd in the movie started clapping, and it sounded like some of the audience did as well. Just a great bit of entertainment.
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