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     It was nice to have a quiet day at home Thursday, since I'm not actually celebrating Thanksgiving with the Towners until Saturday. The weather was amazingly balmy for this late in November, so I was able to get out and do all the garden, sweeping, raking clean-up stuff I'd been too busy for earlier. Wonderful timing!

     After a couple years of being spoiled with bus service, got stuck driving into work again for the day after Thanksgiving. But at least I got regaled with a fantastic sunrise as I made the trudge from the $1.25 boonie lot to where I work. Wish I'd had my camera!

     I'm so exhausted my imagination has shut down, which means doing Shelley's tedious work has been irritating me much more than today I got a reprieve in the form of my MP3 player to help me pass the time listening to the radio. Took me long enough to think of bringing it to work. ;)

     Happiness is Black Friday sales I can participate in online. Hurrah for Coldwater Creek and!
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