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Let's see...made it to another weekend without having a complete nervous breakdown, or violently dismembering any coworkers despite hours of really longing to do that has to count as a positive, right?

     This week was something else, especially Wed-Fri. But there are some more positives if I scrape around hard enough. First being the going-away potluck party for Kyle, who got a promotion into another department at a new job he starts on Monday. Way too much fantastic food, and Dawn sent me home with some of her made from scratch superbly wonderful apple pie.

     After the five-star horrible day I had Thursday, it was a real blessing to have my women's group cancel their weekly meeting, so when I did finally get home, I could rest and do nothing.

     A pick-me-up this morning in the form of J Schroeder dropping by my Elfwood page and leaving a lovely comment on 'Never Alone.' =) Late is always infinitely better than never!

     And then Shelley treated me out to lunch today as thanks for my doing so much of her work while she was on medical leave. I had a fantastic apple bran walnut pancake with hash browns on the side at Keys, and I am still full!

     Thank God for a weekend!
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