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     A blanket of 'Never Alone'! Just couldn't stop with the t'DoL-blanket I got to celebrate book 5, but this time I ordered fleece. Since when I got 'Never Alone' printed on canvas, it came out too dark and a little too red, I tried to compensate for that...and the blanket came out a bit too light and not red enough! Just can't win, heh heh...but I'm actually pleased, as it goes much better with my living room this way. =D

     Getting 'V for Vendetta' for only $5, thanks to getting to Target before the pharmacy opened and having time to kill. Quite enjoyed seeing it for my second time Saturday evening.

     Getting my gift magnet project for the women's group all done on Saturday and the order placed. Hopefully the colors will be reasonably accurate... ;)

     Snow! A good four inches of it Saturday evening to Sunday morning. It is just glorious out there, and so fun to break out the shovel for the first time this winter to dig out me car.
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