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Made it! (Well, sorta, got overtime on Saturday...)

     Nice to get something removed from my bottomless to-do list at work, which was just what happened to the last pc upgrade for my area. Don't have to think about it until 2012, yay!

     Nice to get away on Thursday and have lunch out with Dawn and Nancy at a new place, as Dawn had been craving chicken a la king, and they serve it on Thursdays. Also nice to take in the Christmas decorations in Galtier Plaza and the nearby 'ballroom.'

     It was between 5 and 7 F (-14 C) out this morning! A treat to bundle up a little more and get a taste of deep winter. I've also been loving the walks home, with sunset in the west and the rising nearly-full moon in the east.

     Wonderful to be home, get to relax, and not be shut up in a padded room yet! My boss and I decided today that we need an ax-wielding emoticon for our IMs, (because that's what I've been longing to do to that witch-fiend server for weeks) and I found this, which is perfect!

Tags: job: coworkers, job: work, skyscapes
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