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Recent goodies:

     LJ finally fixed the 'Flexible Squares' layout, so looking at my stuff over at hyarmi_records won't make me cringe anymore. *hugs LJ* <3

     It was a delight to get to head home on Wednesday with snow flurries flying about. So beautiful, and I have to take what I can get in this horridly warm and dry winter so far.

     A package from my mom with fruitcake and homemade granola! At last--since I've been waiting since June!

     Treats at work Thursday in the form of a lovely gift from Shelley and Christmas cookies to enjoy in the scanning area.

     It abruptly ended halfway through Thursday, but it was quite a needed blessing to have a couple lighter days on the job before things get hairy again.

     The trailer for The Hobbit, which has got me far too excited for Christmas 2012.

     And Thursday night I succeeded with my fifth platelet donation for this year. HURRAH! Got a cute little snowman pin too! And a good laugh, because I got an e-mail saying donations Dec 23-26 get a $20 gift card, and I was just a day too early. ;) Not why I'm doing it anyway.
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