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     My third Christmas 'alone,' far from family, was great. Peaceful and slow-paced and relaxing and full of music. Went to the Towner's late Christmas Day for dinner and Jesus' birthday cake, and had a good time there. Also got to find out the humorous tale of the Christmas socks I'd anonymously left on their doorstep a few weeks back, which ended up taking an extra trip!

     Monday I headed out early so I could be at Gerten's at 8 am for their after-Christmas sale. Got there a little early, which meant this year I got to join the line ready to storm the gates barge into the store. Fun getting a bunch of stuff at 50% off, since it will be years before Dec 26 again falls on a day I'm home and don't have to work.

     Been wonderful having a holiday weekend chock-full of goodies. Cookies from Linda, hamentashen from my aunt, Spiced Cider from Trader Joe's, and wonderful fruitcake from my wonderful mom!

     And then the three-day weekend ended in the best way possible: getting started on a story! Wrote the first scene of 'Encounters' Monday evening, and it will be quite fun working on an avarii tale for a bit. Writing the Copper-novella sure gave me an itch for more of the 'Rooster.' =)
Tags: encounters, fruitcake, spicy cider
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