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Recent goodies...

     Never got to mention the adorable gift I got from my boss last week: a snowman-s'more nightlight! He really scored with that one...and I took a photo because I figured my mom would be curious! Those things are way too cute.

     Also been having loads of fun with all the book 5 feedback from Shanra lately; she's really flying through it now! =)

     The other entertainment of the holiday weekend was seeing lots of great movies. At home, I rewatched The Knowing and Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind as I ran out of 'Smallville' episodes on Saturday. And then got out to the theater twice in the last two days and took in Warhorse and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. They were fantastic! (I won't even mention how much pizza I ate this weekend...)

     Also managed a small amount of progress with 'Encounters,' though it's a bit frustrating how slow I go because I don't have avarii culture memorized inside and out like hyarmi, and keep having to dig up stuff to make sure I don't contradict something. Guess that means I obviously have to write more avarii stories!
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