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Got the 2011 yearly and book posts done, monthly summary out of the way...can finally get back to blathering over here again. And hurrah for a Friday!

     Completely forget to mention in my last post the 'miraculous' event of last weekend--Shado got on my lap for the third time ever!

     Some fun on Thursday when Shelley and I headed out for lunch at the Kindness Cafe we'd first visited a few months back. Shelley thought she knew how to get there entirely through the skyways without having to go outside...and we did it! But only to find the place was closed until the 16th. We decided to go to nearby Pazzaluna...and it was closed too! So I ended up treating Shelley out to Chipotle with one of the gift cards I got for Christmas. (And they added brown rice to their options--awesome!!) We'll be doing 'take two' in a couple weeks!

     Best of all, a week I'd long dreaded was transformed into a wonderful (if exhausting) one instead...and this all due to wonderful Shanra finishing book 5 and loading me with loads of delightful questions. =) So it's a memorable and happy week instead, thanks to her. Though I am still anticipating the weekend, so I can relax and have more time for writing and art.
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