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The good stuff:

     The slippers the Towners got me for Christmas were too I exchanged them for a popcorn popper. And this weekend I got to try it out, and it was great! No oil required, just as fast as the microwave, and I control what goes on it. Definitely easier than my attempts at cooking it on the stove!

     A beautiful drive to church on Sunday, as there was a very heavy frost overnight, and everything was glimmering with whiteness. I could pretend it was actually winter!

     Another treat at church, with the release of the winter/spring small groups catalog: just like happened last fall, one leaped out at me as being just perfect!

     Best of all, finished the short story 'Encounters' on Sunday, though it will need a lot of polishing. Fun to get more of The Changer, and tie it in with certain book 4 revelations...

     Back to work today, and the first 5-day workweek in a while. But it was nice to get regaled by an exquisite full moon as I walked to the bus stop and rode in. Great way to start off the workweek!
Tags: encounters, freebie, skyscapes
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