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Hurrah for payday Friday the 13th!

     It was a blessing to have one semi-slow workday this week, very nice. Of course it happened on Wednesday, which is fasting day, so it felt twice as hungry and twice as long, but how nice to have a brief break from the craziness!

     A couple cheer-me-ups lately. The first being when I went to sign up for my blood donation next week. The Red Cross had revamped their site recently, including the ability to view past donations a lot further back than their old system. I realized it went back to my very first in college as a freshman in 1993, but at first glance it seemed to not distinguish between when I got kicked out for too low iron, and when I succeeded. But this week I realized otherwise. And I realized THAT IN 2011 I PASSED THE 5 GALLON MARK!!! I'd been looking forward to that milestone for a while. So right now, I have 42 whole blood donations and 21 platelet donations under my belt, YAY!

     Also got a treat in the mail on Thursday: a fancy 'Certificate of Appreciation' from my favorite non-profit I support, sent special in the mail so it wouldn't get folded up. Quite embarrassing and warming really, as I don't deserve to be called a 'champion' of anything!
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