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The good stuff:

     A beautiful sunrise Saturday morning and a beautiful snowfall Saturday night. Didn't add up to much, alas, but at least it resembles winter out there again!

     My faster DSL gave me a new pleasure this weekend: getting to watch a livestream by the fabulously talented Scenceable/Janine of her painting and adding fur to one of her kirin sculptures. It is so neat to watch art being made like that, and neat to have a decent enough connection that the livestream isn't freezing up all the time!

     Happy to get back into art this weekend, even if the software is fighting me. Made a quickie Portal Page illustration for 'Encounters' on Saturday, and got started on an illustration for 'Reunion' today.

     Best of all, got back into 'Delarun' this evening and started writing the interstice bits between the major sections. If section 2 just wants to keep giving me grief, at least I can try to get all the rest of it written!
Tags: art, delarun, encounters, reunion, skyscapes, snow
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